I offer individual psychotherapy to adults 18 years of age and older. Every individual is unique. That is why therapy with me is based upon your individual needs and goals, and is customized to give you the most effective treatment. 

At the outset of therapy we take from 1 to 3 sessions to talk about the events of your life leading up to the present. From these conversations, I come to know about such things as your family of origin, past and current relationships, educational history, work history, religious or spiritual beliefs, children, medical background, and previous therapy. I do this, not to dwell on the past, but to understand what beliefs and behavior patterns from the past might be impacting you today, and to get to know you as the unique individual you are. 

Once we have completed the history, I ask more about your goals for therapy and your dreams and visions for the future. I also take into account what you have told me about previous therapy experiences, and what has worked best for you. We then customize the therapy to fit your particular needs.

During the course of therapy, we monitor and evaluate your progress as regularly as you like, and I encourage you to ask for feedback about your progress at any time. I also honor all requests for therapy breaks or therapy endings. My philosophy is that once we have done the upfront work of getting to know one another, I am available as your therapist for as long as you like. Many of my clients have come back over the years for a therapy ‘tune-up’ or to simply address new issues that have arisen. I welcome and thoroughly enjoy this type of ongoing relationship. 

Financial Counseling (Money Coaching)

Please see my other website to learn all about money coaching.


I offer consultation to psychotherapists and other mental health professionals on various topics including:

  • Setting up a private practice
  • Financial Counseling
  • Working with gay, lesbian, and bisexual clients
  • Working with transgender clients
  • Hormone replacement therapy for transgender clients
  • Sexual reassignment therapy and sexual reassignment surgery (SRS)
  • How to consult with psychiatrists and other medical professionals
  • Assessment for suicidality, as well as when and how to place a client on a Mental Health Hold
  • What happens when your client is sent to the ER on a Mental Health Hold

Public Speaking

I have 25 years of experience teaching, training, and speaking to the public on various topics in diverse venues. 

I have taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at the University level, with the bulk of my recent teaching at the graduate level. A sampling of some of the courses I have taught include Introductory Psychology, Psychology Service Learning, graduate level Psychology Internship, Statistics, Psychological Testing, Animal Behavior, Immunology and Immunology Laboratory, and Microbiology Laboratory.

I enjoy training professional groups on a number of topics in my areas of expertise, such as Mood Disorders, Ethics, Bisexuality, Transgender Issues, Financial Recovery, HIV and AIDS, Suicidal Clients, and other Mental Health Emergencies. I also have extensive experience presenting research studies to the scientific community. 

Some of the forums in which I have presented include the Midwest Autumn Conference of Immunology, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, the Midwinter Conference of Immunologists, the Rocky Mountain Regional Conference on HIV, Colorado AIDS Project, Rocky Mountain Survivor’s Center, HIV Community Forum, National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine, and the Denver University School of Social Work.

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